About Us

Jucaar Is a car-tech marketplace that promotes a shared and circular economy to corporate and its esteemed employees, offering holistic mobility solutions from one hour of car share to five years of car leasing under one roof with maintenance & insurance.

New-Gen car lease program that help corporates rollout Lease programs for New & Pre-Owned cars as an employee benefits program.

Our Purpose

At Jucaar, we understand that our customers today expect convenience, flexibility, ease, and choice, and that is what we make possible. But above all, our customers deserve to be delighted. With Jucaar, our purpose is to engineer a way for individuals, businesses and corporates to experience the ease of vehicle subscription and help them unlock the various benefits that the model offers, all this with a company they can trust.

Our Values

Quality focused

We are obsessed with making the best products and delivering the best services. We believe our customers deserve nothing less than an unforgettable, premium experience.


We are committed to giving our customers the freedom to choose. Be it the choice of cars or the terms of their subscription, our customers are in control.


We believe in sharing our journey with our customers both the ups and the downs. We believe in transparency, value feedback and want our customers to trust us.