Lease a New Car

Market RV

A Hassle free Lease program ‘Car As a Solution’ with one rental outflow for agreed tenure ranging from 2 years to 5 years on a right-to-use model and users can retain the car on the prevailing car price corporates can outsource all their non-core on fleet management to Lessee with options to choose between Repair & maintenance, Insurance & Accident management and 24/7 Road side assistance.

Fixed RV

This program provides flexibility on retaining the car at the tenure where the RV is pre-fixed on mutual consent between Lessee & Lessor and Novated / Tri-Party arrangement is an option to Large corporate where the car will be registered in the name of the user (*Conditions apply) and the depreciation would vary compared to Bi-Party terms. The Fleet management clause remains same as Market RV.

Re-Lease, Sale & Lease/Upgrade


A unique program which will allow employees to monetize their existing cars (=/> 2016) into their existing car lease program and avail tax benefits with Fleet management services like New-Cars

Sale & Lease Back

The employees has an option to sell his car to PPP on the prevailing market price and gets into a lease contract between 6 months to 2 yrs into their existing car lease program with Fleet management services. Here the user has a choice to decide between the Market or Fixed RV at the beginning of the term and the quotes will be shared accordingly.

Sale & Upgrade

User can choose to sell their exisitng cars to PPP and upgrade to a newer generation cars where the resale value can be adjusted towards the pre-owned car as a margin money or down payment and Lease rental can be calculated.

Proposed Model & MLA Outline

Bi-PARTY Agreement

The Car will be registered in the name of the Lessee

Master Lease Agreement is signed b/w Lessee & Lessor

Road Tax charges higher compared to Individual Registration

The user becomes the 2nd Owner of the car, if they decide to own the car after the term completion.

Accident repairs/Insurance Ais Allowance/Total Loss/Theft/Absconding cases. All risks lies with the company.

The company will be liable to represent the case for all third party damages or absconding cases.

TRI-PARTY Agreement

TRI-PARTY agreement with transfer options

The car is registered in the name of the employee

Master Lease Agreement is signed b/w lessee & lessor and a Tri-Party will be signed mirroring the Bi-Party contract with the user as a co-lessee to the contract.

Car registered in the name of the Co-Lessee (employee)

Accident repairs/insurance dis-allowance/total loss/theft/absconding cases. The majority of risk is passed to the Co-Lessee

Minimal liability on the company as the car is registered in the name of the employee.

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